Little ship left a big impression

I've often mentioned the activities of the waterways charity Thames21 in this column but I thought it might be helpful to take a closer look at the organisation’s background.

Residents channelling their own flood plans

Doug Myers produced this map showing where the flood alleviation channel will empty into the Thames just downstream of Shepperton Lock.

I've been contacted by an old friend - Doug Myers - with concerns about the proposed River Thames Scheme to reduce flooding risks.

She’s back on an even keel

Some loving TLC as we restore a little wheel power to beloved Terra Nova

Environment Agency fees: Is it time to rock the unlicensed boat?

I've mentioned before in this column that I have a certain amount of sympathy for the Environment Agency because, in this age of austerity and Government cutbacks, it has struggled to meet all its commitments to river users because of a lack of funds.

Sunk by the recession?

My brother and I took Terra Nova out for a last jaunt of the season on Saturday. One thing that struck me as we wended our way along was the number of boats that look as though they have been abandoned.

Invasion of the water weeds

Himalyan Balsam can quickly stifle other plants along riverbanks.

Invaders from foreign lands have generally not proved to be much of a problem for us British since the arrival of William the Conqueror more than 1,000 years ago.

Fair weather sailors? Not at Desborough.

Desborough SC in the snow

We’re a hardy lot, us sailors, you know – especially when we’ve been denied access to our favourite sport for any length of time.

Dirty work but it has to be done

Volunteers working with Thames21 during a river litter pick

The River Thames is probably cleaner today than it has been for decades. Yet there is still much to do.