Seeing red over safety

Environment Agency red board

I thought I’d take a look at the progress being made on the construction of the new river crossing at Walton on Sunday morning by going to the Surrey County Council webcam.

An oarsome relationship

Rowing as part of the crew of an eight can be an exhilarating experience

I knew from a very young age that I loved the water. It didn’t matter whether it was pottering about in a small rowing dinghy on the Thames at Twickenham where I was born or flinging myself through breaking waves on the beach at Holland on Sea in Essex where we used to stay with my uncle and aunt most summers – I just loved the water.

Maggie’s blaze of glory

Whilst I’ve been busy exploring the wartime exploits of people in our area, I’ve omitted to mention a couple of important up-to-date events involving locals – including a stunning performance in this year’s Great River Race which was won by a crew from Weybridge Sailing Club.

Ignoring red boards could even be fatal

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote in this column about the rowing four which wrapped itself around one of the stanchions below Walton Bridge and was quickly turned into matchwood by the fast-flowing stream.

An almost fatal lesson

You sometimes wonder what goes on in people’s heads, don’t you? You probably read in last week’s Herald and News about the youngsters whose rowing four crashed into Walton Bridge throwing its crew into the water and totally wrecking the boat.

The dongola mystery explained!

One of the sporting and social highlights of summer on our reaches of the Thames will shortly be upon us – Sunbury Amateur Regatta.

The river runs through him

Pat Brady has always loved the river. The 66-year-old from Loudwater Road, Lower Sunbury, spent the majority of his working life on and around the Thames and its tributaries.

Fierce competition

If you happen to be walking down by the Thames at Runnymede most Sunday mornings you might have wondered at the rhythmic drumming that occasionally emanates from the river.