I’ve neglected the old girl for too long

Terra Nova looking a little the worse for wear at the back of the boatyard – but work on refurbishment will get under way soon, says Mort

I took a wander down to the Bridge Marine boatyard on Sunday – just to check that Terra Nova, the old Seamaster Admiral cabin cruiser that Julie and I own along with my brother, was still where I left her when she came out of the water back in October.

Tide of support for soldiers

Patients and staff from the military rehabilitation centre at Headley Court aboard the Richmond Venturer.

A trip along the Thames in the Richmond Venturer a healing tonic for ex-servicemen and women

Life-affirming project

The Chernobyl mums and their children relax aboard the Richmond Venturer

I’ve always had a lot of time for the charity called the River Thames Boat Project, which aims to introduce people to our wonderful river and to give people – particularly youngsters and the disabled – the chance to spend time on the water.

The bare knuckle truth

Prize fighting

Well, it seems I must be one of the few people who hadn’t heard the stories about prize-fighting taking place in Shepperton!

Walk yourself better

News of a couple of riverside walks taking place in the near future is top of the agenda this week.

Thames 2 Piddle 0

During the 1950s, the River Thames was officially branded a biologically ‘dead’ river. It suffered from all kinds of pollution – both from industrial waste and from sewage – that was being pumped into it. Little could survive in the water and anyone falling into it risked major infection.

A very royal wedding

Douglas Dick is a stalwart of the local sailing community – both with Desborough Sailing Club in Shepperton and with Queen Mary Sailing Club on the reservoir in Ashford.

Here come the big boys

I’m always pleased to see new businesses arrive on our lovely stretch of the Thames – they provide work and can bring people into the area who spend their money locally which is good for the economy.

Be snap happy this spring

At last, it’s starting to get a bit warmer and those endless grey, dreary days appear to have given way to bright spring mornings and lighter evenings.

Barge on board the Venturer to capture scenes of river life

Charities find very diverse ways of raising money for their causes but one of the most original – and effective – has recently been demonstrated by the good people associated with the Thames Boat Project, which was set up to help make the Thames more accessible to a wide range of people.