Turbulence of the Thames

Walton Bridge

For those living close to the river, the past few weeks must have been an absolute nightmare.

Paintings illustrate beauty of river

Walton Bridge in watercolour

Photographs are great for keeping a record of what’s happening on our lovely river – but somehow paintings capture more of the spirit of an event that even the best photograph in my view.

Voted best, and worst

I recently revealed that the River Thames had won a prestigious international conservation award – the Thiess prize – as the world’s best cared-for river because of the way the quality of the water has been improved over the past fifty years or so.

Art and river craft…

In May this year, I reported on a walk by artist Sue Bailey and photographer Pamela Chapman-Burrell from the source of the river down to the Thames Barrier which was designed to raise money for a very worthwhile charity – the Thames Boat Project.

A different venture for Sue

Last week I wrote about the Richmond Venturer, the converted Dutch barge operated by the charity the River Thames Boat Project. It runs trips up and down the river aimed at introducing the beauties of the Thames to groups and individuals who may not otherwise have had the opportunity fully to appreciate the river.