Fitting tribute to a lifesaver

It’s not often you have the opportunity to remember a courageous deed in a practical way but Staines Boat Club members have managed it by naming their new rescue boat after a former oarsman who died whilst saving the life of a fellow crewman.

Fish stock depletion concern

I’m still receiving feedback following my columns about apparent problems with eastern European fishermen taking too many fish from the river – including an acknowledgement from the Environment Agency that this really is an issue.

Readers report illegal fishing

Several readers have been in touch following last week’s column about illegal fishing on our stretch of the Thames – and the one thing that most of you have told me is that it appears to be people of eastern European origin who are ignoring the rules.

Report those rogue anglers

The one thing that the majority of people who use the river for recreation have in common is a sense of responsibility – a desire to preserve the Thames and to safeguard its beauty for future generations.

River plan affects us all

Most of us take the Thames very much for granted as a place for recreation and relaxation – but it has a significant role to play in our overall lives as a source of water, as a habitat for wildlife and as a potential flood threat.

Actor takes lead in campaign

Further to my recent coverage of the Environment Agency's desire to sell off several of the lock-keeper's cottages in our area, I'm delighted to report that there is potentially some good news.

There is hope on the horizon

So, finally, a small spark of common sense appears to have appeared at the Environment Agency – with the news that they have put on hold their controversial plans to sell off ten of the 57 lock-keepers cottages on the River Thames.

Time to clean up our act

It's quite astounding how much junk there is in the River Thames. Everyone has probably seen a supermarket shopping trolley nestling in the shallows close to the bank or the odd lorry tyre rotting gently in the mud.

How we miss those floating cops

Increase in river crime illustrates the need for dedicated patrols