The end of the voyage

This my final Riverwatch column. After more than seven years and over 300 editions, this wonderful little newspaper is about to close and rather than cling on grimly until the last moment, I’ve decided to bow out gracefully ahead of time.

Matt the master goes upstream

The Environment Agency has come in for a lot of stick in recent years.

Could the reservoirs solve our flooding problems?

VE had some interesting reactions to my column outlining the Environment Agency’s River Thames Scheme aimed at safeguarding homeowners and businesses on our stretch of the Thames from future flooding. John Carter from Chertsey said:…

Flood plans spring a leak

In the year 2025: The flood defence plan in numbers, but it won't be fully in place for more than a decade.

Government 'rescue' falls £120m short

Owners floored by mooring fees

Dutch barge Angelus - now classed as a houseboat.

Most of us who own and use pleasure craft on the Thames have complained over the years about the steep increases in the cost of launch licences levied by the Environment Agency and its forebears.

Barging in on the dredging debate

Dredging the Thames would mothave prevented the flooding - but it might have reduced the impact

I've had lots of input from readers on the subject of dredging since I mentioned it a couple of weeks or so ago in the context of flood prevention following the recent inundations.

Time to put up the cash

Chris Smith and the PM must get their act together on flooding

From a mystery tunnel to dredging the Thames

How much longer will this go on? The Thames at Chertsey covering Dumsey Meadow

Last week, I told the story about Doug Millsom and his friends who, as youngsters, used to play around a tunnel that emerged on the bank of Desborough Island and asked whether any readers knew its history.

Would more lock-keepers have made a difference?

The terrible flooding, which has followed days of heavy rain, has caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to home and businesses in our area and there has much coverage elsewhere in this newspaper about the impact on the lives of local residents.

It’s great that the old Queen has so many good friends

The paddle steamer Medway Queen is towed out of Bristol Docks on her way back to the Medway

Regular readers of this column will know that I’ve been following the progress of the restoration work being undertaken on the paddle steamer Medway Queen and I thought it was about time to post an update.