A ferry interesting start to married life

Bob Warden

£9 a week rent from £10 pay, but Bob and Rose had a wonderful view of the Thames



What kind of lunatic ignores danger signs?

Operatic past for riverside home

D’Oyly Carte Island

I seem to be on something of a roll here with articles about islands – but, hey, there are loads of islands on our stretch of the Thames, so why not?

Salute the little ships

We really are a stubborn bunch on this island, aren’t we? We just never know when we’re beaten and we’re determined not to be pushed around by bullies.

Nothing if not ambitious

Last year in this column, I wrote that I thought the authorities should introduce a mandatory test and a licence of competence before anyone was allowed to take a boat out on the water – and several people jumped down my throat, berating me for proposing to introduce more bureaucracy into our leisure time.