Turbulence of the Thames

Walton Bridge

For those living close to the river, the past few weeks must have been an absolute nightmare.

Let’s go back to the future

Cowey Sale

Block off river crossing at Walton Lane to traffic — there was no link in the '50s, says resident Doug Myers

Making waves for 50 years

Sometimes you visit a place and you just know, from the moment you walk in there, that it’s right. The place is nice, the people are exceptionally kind and the atmosphere conveys a genuine and heartfelt welcome.

Tunnel vision in bid to solve waste problem

Café Gino by Walton Bridge

Not that long ago, you will recall, David Walliams swam the length of the Thames to raise money for charity – and promptly became rather ill from swallowing river water that had been polluted by sewage.

Paintings illustrate beauty of river

Walton Bridge in watercolour

Photographs are great for keeping a record of what’s happening on our lovely river – but somehow paintings capture more of the spirit of an event that even the best photograph in my view.

Voted best, and worst

I recently revealed that the River Thames had won a prestigious international conservation award – the Thiess prize – as the world’s best cared-for river because of the way the quality of the water has been improved over the past fifty years or so.