Charity challenge for female rowers

The intrepid crew will be paddling 116 miles along the Thames to raise money for two good causes.

I always enjoy turning the spotlight on some of the wonderful things river people undertake for charity – and this week is no exception.

Bridge tops out as boats pass under

Not missed: Boat skippers will be delighted to see the back of the old bridges whose supporting piers made navigating around the bend in the river a tricky business.

Today's the day for the final ‘topping out’ ceremony at the new Walton Bridge – and thanks to the organisational efforts of our local boat clubs, there will be a sail past to mark the event along with a number of other events.

Let’s go back to the future

Cowey Sale

Block off river crossing at Walton Lane to traffic — there was no link in the '50s, says resident Doug Myers

Licences up, but there’s a reason

Sunbury Lock

Well, I guess it was inevitable, wasn’t it? The Environment Agency is putting up boat licence fees for next year by 4.6 percent – that’s inflation plus two percent.

Two hours: It’s not much to ask you to give up…

Chance to have your say on protecting one of our finest assets – our beloved stretch of the river