Little ship left a big impression

I've often mentioned the activities of the waterways charity Thames21 in this column but I thought it might be helpful to take a closer look at the organisation’s background.

Residents channelling their own flood plans

Doug Myers produced this map showing where the flood alleviation channel will empty into the Thames just downstream of Shepperton Lock.

I've been contacted by an old friend - Doug Myers - with concerns about the proposed River Thames Scheme to reduce flooding risks.

Glorious idea that could put Walton on tourist map

The royal barge Gloriana, presented to the Queen as a gift to mark her Diamond Jubillee by Lord Sterling and others, has been seeking a permanent home ever since she led the river pageant during the jubilee celebrations in 2012.

The Tall Ships – what a great sight at sea level

URTHER to my column last week about the Tall Ships arriving in Greenwich and the interest it called, my friend Douglas Dick from Shepperton and a long-term member of Desborough Sailing Club with his…

Still happily afloat after 300 columns and 7 years

After a short interlude, Mort Smith sails back into our lives with thank-yous to some of the people who have provided inspiration for some many stories during the past seven years.

Could the reservoirs solve our flooding problems?

VE had some interesting reactions to my column outlining the Environment Agency’s River Thames Scheme aimed at safeguarding homeowners and businesses on our stretch of the Thames from future flooding. John Carter from Chertsey said:…

Flood plans spring a leak

In the year 2025: The flood defence plan in numbers, but it won't be fully in place for more than a decade.

Government 'rescue' falls £120m short

Who will toil for Belle?

Time to get out on the water again, says Desborough Sailing Club's Ross Archer.

Firstly, thanks for all the kind messages regarding my impending move to the East Coast. It’s much appreciated and I’m delighted that so many people enjoy Riverwatch – I hope I’ll be able to keep it going.

Barging in on the dredging debate

Dredging the Thames would mothave prevented the flooding - but it might have reduced the impact

I've had lots of input from readers on the subject of dredging since I mentioned it a couple of weeks or so ago in the context of flood prevention following the recent inundations.

Time to put up the cash

Chris Smith and the PM must get their act together on flooding