Small problem with a lot of mussel…

You probably wouldn’t think a small shellfish would be much to worry about in the great scheme of things – but then you might not ever have heard of the quagga mussel and the impact it can have when it gets into a waterway.

Spring – it’s such a joyous time for us Riverwatchers

Let's bid a warm welcome to British Summer Time and hope that the signal for the clocks to go forward is also a signal for the warmer weather we enjoyed over the weekend to continue.

Barging in on the dredging debate

Dredging the Thames would mothave prevented the flooding - but it might have reduced the impact

I've had lots of input from readers on the subject of dredging since I mentioned it a couple of weeks or so ago in the context of flood prevention following the recent inundations.

Time to put up the cash

Chris Smith and the PM must get their act together on flooding

Invasion of the water weeds

Himalyan Balsam can quickly stifle other plants along riverbanks.

Invaders from foreign lands have generally not proved to be much of a problem for us British since the arrival of William the Conqueror more than 1,000 years ago.

Beware the hairy horde

Invading our rivers: a Chinese mitten crab

It was three years ago when I first wrote about the invasion of the Thames by Chinese mitten crabs – so called because of the dense hair on the back of their large claws – and I wondered whether readers of this column had spotted more examples in our stretch of the river.

Dirty work but it has to be done

Volunteers working with Thames21 during a river litter pick

The River Thames is probably cleaner today than it has been for decades. Yet there is still much to do.

No easy fix in screw plans

Weir Pub

I hope you all add a splendid Christmas and New Year break and here we are now in 2013 with (hopefully) a delightful spring and summer of boating and enjoying the river to look forward to.

Watt on earth are they thinking?

Archiemedean screws

Way back in June of this year, I first wrote about plans to install electricity generators at Sunbury Weir and I have to admit that I was rather hoping that the proposal had sunk without trace. Obviously not so.

Anniversaries ahoy!

Jackdaw – The consensus of opinion seems to be that the huge flocks of birds wheeling above the Thames morning and evening are mainly like this chap – jackdaws

It seems incredible to me but this is the 200th Riverwatch column I’ve penned since first starting it just under five years ago.