Royal appointment for two dedicated sailors

Two local sailors are to be presented with one of the Royal Yachting Association’s most prestigious awards – the outstanding contribution award to sailing - by HRH the Princess Royal, President of the RYA.

Matt the master goes upstream

The Environment Agency has come in for a lot of stick in recent years.

Owners floored by mooring fees

Dutch barge Angelus - now classed as a houseboat.

Most of us who own and use pleasure craft on the Thames have complained over the years about the steep increases in the cost of launch licences levied by the Environment Agency and its forebears.

Fisherman need friends – and some bigger nets

My old mate Doug ‘the ancient angler’ Millsom called me up this week to chide me for ignoring his fellow fishermen.

Turbulence of the Thames

Walton Bridge

For those living close to the river, the past few weeks must have been an absolute nightmare.

Would more lock-keepers have made a difference?

The terrible flooding, which has followed days of heavy rain, has caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage to home and businesses in our area and there has much coverage elsewhere in this newspaper about the impact on the lives of local residents.

Dr Tim’s book proves to be quite a tonic

Dr Tim Carter

It's always a pleasure writing about the sports clubs that dot the banks of the Thames throughout our area

Home Guards’ ‘Mac’ was the guardian of the lock

One of the things I love most about writing this column is that every now and again I’m contacted by someone with a lovely story to tell connected to our stretch of the Thames.

Water-tight friendships

It's always nice when old friends come back to visit and that was certainly the case for the members of Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club (WLARC) a couple of weeks ago.

Bombing of the bridge

Ack-ack attack: The journey home from a dance at the Walton Playhouse in September 1940 proved quite hairy for Jimmy, left, and Billy Brant, but fortunately they lived to tell the tale.

But brothers Billy and Jeremy and their brave young aunt were undaunted by German pilot's attack