Residents channelling their own flood plans

Doug Myers produced this map showing where the flood alleviation channel will empty into the Thames just downstream of Shepperton Lock.

I've been contacted by an old friend - Doug Myers - with concerns about the proposed River Thames Scheme to reduce flooding risks.

Small problem with a lot of mussel…

You probably wouldn’t think a small shellfish would be much to worry about in the great scheme of things – but then you might not ever have heard of the quagga mussel and the impact it can have when it gets into a waterway.

The ‘liquid history’ of our Old Father Thames

VE spent most of my life on, in or around the River Thames and it has never ceased to fascinate me – and occasionally I find myself pondering the question: Why? Sometimes I’ve heard people…

Memories of a magical – if nerve-wracking – time

VE ALWAYS loved the pleasure boats that carry passengers up and down the Thames and I wrote in a recent column that as a youngster in the 1950s I used to enjoy watching the…

Guiding lights since the days of King Henry VIII

Light Through a Lens tells the story of Trinity House, the corporation responsible for the lighthouses and navigation buoys that surround the British coast.

I suppose it’s not surprising that someone like me who loves messing about in boats – either on the river or at sea – has a corresponding interest in the workings of the Corporation of Trinity House.