Basingstoke Canal restored

The paddle steamer Waverley will be visiting London again this year

Canal and waterway restoration seems to have taken off in the past couple of decades with more and more waterways being put back into public usage – and I take my hat off to all those hardy volunteers who put their backs (and quite often their own money) into this kind of environmental reconstruction.

I’ve neglected the old girl for too long

Terra Nova looking a little the worse for wear at the back of the boatyard – but work on refurbishment will get under way soon, says Mort

I took a wander down to the Bridge Marine boatyard on Sunday – just to check that Terra Nova, the old Seamaster Admiral cabin cruiser that Julie and I own along with my brother, was still where I left her when she came out of the water back in October.

Dirty work but it has to be done

Volunteers working with Thames21 during a river litter pick

The River Thames is probably cleaner today than it has been for decades. Yet there is still much to do.

Club together for love of the river

Tim Carter had the Weybridge SC members in fits with his rendition of his own poem ‘The Oxford Cox’

There are some people you always enjoy visiting - and among those of my wife, Julie, and I are the lovely folk at Weybridge Sailing Club (WSC).