Search goes on for news of Home Guard member

Is this Phil McCarthy? Standing to the right of this photo of the victorious Viola FC is the man known to the team as 'Captain Mac' . Pat Chimes (third from left in the middle row) wondered if this was Dinah Ballantyne's dad

A couple of weeks back I wrote about Phil McCarthy, the father of a lady called Dinah Ballantyne, who was a member of the Home Guard given the responsibility for protecting Penton Hook Lock during the dark days of the Second World War.

Don’t bank on pontoons

Mort Smith and his brother, Alan, stand beside Terra Nova - are they all too old for another adventure?

Sometimes people come up with brilliant ideas out of the blue – an innovative way of attacking a problem that suddenly reveals the obvious solution from a fog of uncertainty.

Home Guards’ ‘Mac’ was the guardian of the lock

One of the things I love most about writing this column is that every now and again I’m contacted by someone with a lovely story to tell connected to our stretch of the Thames.

The hulk instant rover

Sad sight: In a very sad state — the boat appears to have been used as a dumping ground.

Mystery journey of derelict boat that had sunk to the bottom

Headway for the Medway

The paddle steamer Medway Queen is towed out of Bristol Docks on her way back to the Medway

I was absolutely delighted to receive an email from Alan and Jean Barrett of Walton following on from my piece about the restoration of the old paddle steamer, the Medway Queen, in last week’s Herald and News.

It’s great that the old Queen has so many good friends

The paddle steamer Medway Queen is towed out of Bristol Docks on her way back to the Medway

Regular readers of this column will know that I’ve been following the progress of the restoration work being undertaken on the paddle steamer Medway Queen and I thought it was about time to post an update.

Water-tight friendships

It's always nice when old friends come back to visit and that was certainly the case for the members of Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club (WLARC) a couple of weeks ago.

Environment Agency fees: Is it time to rock the unlicensed boat?

I've mentioned before in this column that I have a certain amount of sympathy for the Environment Agency because, in this age of austerity and Government cutbacks, it has struggled to meet all its commitments to river users because of a lack of funds.

Youngsters setting sail with Olympics in sight

Young sailors from the Thames Valley and London competed amongst over 1,000 Olympic hopefuls at the RYA zone championships held at the end of September.

Sunk by the recession?

My brother and I took Terra Nova out for a last jaunt of the season on Saturday. One thing that struck me as we wended our way along was the number of boats that look as though they have been abandoned.