Fierce competition at annual regatta

Dongolas racing at Wargrave

With so much attention focused on Olympic events, I wanted to remind readers that we have our own unique local competitive action coming up on Saturday, August 11 in the shape of Sunbury amateur regatta.

Pushing the boats out

Boats of all sizes took part

All over the country last weekend, sailing clubs, rowing club, motor cruising clubs and all kinds of other water users came together in a pre-Olympic celebration called ‘Push the Boat Out’ to indicate their support for our Olympic sailors, rowers and kayakers.

Rain, rain, go away…

Chertsey Weir

I’m beginning to think that the water gods have got it in for me at the moment because every time I plan to take my boat out on the river, the fates conspire to stop me.

Making waves for 50 years

Sometimes you visit a place and you just know, from the moment you walk in there, that it’s right. The place is nice, the people are exceptionally kind and the atmosphere conveys a genuine and heartfelt welcome.