It’s well worth a little dip into the UK’s waterways


Authors have written books about rivers for hundreds of years – and that’s simply because waterways are fascinating subjects, having played a major role in the development of our towns and cities, agriculture, industry, trade and, in more recent decades, leisure and relaxation.

Royal appointment worthy of a salute

Alan Woolford from Desborough Sailing Club

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee later this year, celebrating Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne, will present all kinds of opportunities for celebration and fun – and the River Thames will play a central role in the event.

Teen sensation sails into club’s limelight

Izzi Mitchell

Some youngsters just exhibit a natural talent for sailing when they get out on the water – but for Isobel Mitchell, it might have come as a bit of a surprise because what she actually wanted to do was to windsurf.

Getting taste of island life

The Desborough Cut

There are many islands on the River Thames, some containing luxurious waterside homes, some mere mounds of mud and sand that have the odd tree clinging precariously to life on their edges and some providing bases for water-related industries like boat-building.

The Boat Show – lots more fun than Christmas

London Boat Show

Christmas is great – it’s lovely to spend time with family and friends and just relax for a day or two – but for me, the New Year is always a very special time.