A boat, a reader and a coincidence

Terra Nova

Have you noticed that the world is full of strange coincidences? I’ve always been a firm believer in fate – what is to be, will be – but sometimes the twists and turns that fate takes are very odd indeed.

Still time to get in a cruise or two…

Medical herbalist Elaine Cole from Walton will be leading two riverside walks explaining the medicinal benefits of many of the plants that grow on the towpaths

The nights may be drawing in and the leaves may be turning, but the year isn't over just yet and there's still plenty of fun to be had out on the water

Learning to swim in the River Thames

From Tumblin Bay Weir to Desborough Cut, readers relive their memories of splashing around in the river for fun or with classes of youngsters from schools in the area

Bridge paintings in festive card surprise

In the latest instalment of his regular feature, Mort Smith looks at the first two bridges that crossed the Thames at Walton, both of which had an unfortunate ending

Thornycroft memories

It seems I was not alone in mourning the passing of part of the old Thornycroft launch works on Platts Eyot which was destroyed by a fire recently – it brought back memories for a couple of families who had happy associations with the company.