Maggie’s blaze of glory

Whilst I’ve been busy exploring the wartime exploits of people in our area, I’ve omitted to mention a couple of important up-to-date events involving locals – including a stunning performance in this year’s Great River Race which was won by a crew from Weybridge Sailing Club.

Thames 2 Piddle 0

During the 1950s, the River Thames was officially branded a biologically ‘dead’ river. It suffered from all kinds of pollution – both from industrial waste and from sewage – that was being pumped into it. Little could survive in the water and anyone falling into it risked major infection.

Dry dock for winter? Curl up with a book

It’s difficult to believe, but Christmas is fast approaching and thoughts of taking the boat out on the river are probably fading rapidly from most people’s memories.

Moor and peace

Its been something of a busy year in the Smith household – what with my son starting a new job, my daughter announcing that she is going to get married next February (requiring attendance at wedding shows and help with the planning of receptions etc), the hot water tank in our house deciding to leak copiously all over the place…