Some Kraken results

At the tail end of 2009, Surrey Police announced the launch of Project Kraken – an initiative designed to alert people on our stretch of the river to the dangers of terrorist and criminal activity on the non-tidal Thames.

A very royal wedding

Douglas Dick is a stalwart of the local sailing community – both with Desborough Sailing Club in Shepperton and with Queen Mary Sailing Club on the reservoir in Ashford.

Racing in the memory of two gentlemen of the regatta

It's that time of year when the Thames regularly resounds to the shouts of enthusiastic coxes urging on the oarsmen in the boat in front of them and one of the highlights of the season is always Staines Amateur Regatta which takes place on Saturday, July 24.

How life ought to be lived

Right, England failed to win the World Cup, Andy Murray crashed out of Wimbledon and England lost the last two one-day matches against the Australians – everything’s back to normal, then.