Stay away from the water

Several readers have contacted me following my article last week about the removal of trees and the proposed work to be carried out by the Environment Agency along the stretch of riverbank between Weybridge Ladies’ Rowing Club and D’Oyley Carte Island.

Why it’s bare on the bank

A few weeks back, I wrote an article highlighting the anger of a number of local people about the Environment Agency’s decision to cut down a lot of trees on the towpath of the Surrey bank of the Thames near Weybridge.

The Thames in all its glory

London’s Waterways: Exploring the Capital’s Rivers and Canals

Many people take the River Thames for granted. It’s something that folk walk beside, drive over, fish in or navigate upon very regularly – and like so many things that we see every day, it is easy to let the river merge into the background of our busy hustle and bustle lifestyles.

Little ship may have changed course of history in many ways

Boatbuilder Michael Dennett has a very special reason for his love of Dunkirk Little Ships – his dad was one of thousands of British servicemen plucked from the beaches outside the French port back in 1940 as part of what was known as Operation Dynamo.