Seal fans, look away now

So the clocks have gone back, Marks and Sparks have got all their Christmas merchandise out on display and the youngsters are letting off fireworks left right and centre ahead of Guy Fawkes’ night. The summer is officially over.

Old salt lends sea cadets a hand as they struggle to keep HQ shipshape and dry

I'm always delighted to hear about the hard work put in by volunteers aimed at helping youngsters make the most of their free time. So it was with a great deal of pleasure that I attended the official unveiling of a new roof for the premises housing Sunbury and Walton Sea Cadets on the banks of the Thames next to Shepperton Marina recently.

Kraken idea, hope it works

As regular readers of this column will know, I deplored the decision by Surrey Police to remove the only officer dedicated to patrolling our stretch of the Thames back in August.

Fitting tribute to a lifesaver

It’s not often you have the opportunity to remember a courageous deed in a practical way but Staines Boat Club members have managed it by naming their new rescue boat after a former oarsman who died whilst saving the life of a fellow crewman.