What a jumble at junkfest

As regular readers of this column will know, I’m a boat jumble junkie. I just love poking around the tents and tables packed with other boat owners’ cast-offs in the hope of finding a bargain or two.

Boat’s a real Terra to clean

Ageing cabin cruisers are a little bit like elderly actresses – they can still do the job for which they were originally designed but they need a good deal of make-up before they can take the stage with confidence.

Club with a reputation that’s second to none

There are rowing clubs up and down the length of the Thames and crews being put through their paces by enthusiastic coaches pedalling along the river bank are a familiar sight for anyone who regularly takes a stroll beside the water.

Recognise anyone?

David and Nicky Prior have lived in their attractive house at Hamm Court, Weybridge since 1965 and have a real fascination for the history of the estate which is bounded by the rivers Bourne, Wey and Thames.