Watch for this little gem

If you're extremely lucky, you may occasionally glimpse a kingfisher on our stretch of the river – and if so, treasure the moment because these brilliantly-coloured birds are becoming increasingly-rare as more of their habitats are destroyed.

Such a vital contribution

My articles about the activities of the Upper Thames Patrol during the 1940s seem to have stirred a few of memories with readers.

Traditional skills survive

Traditional skills are rapidly becoming a thing of the past so it's fantastic to find that the Herald & News area is home to one of the last wooden boat builders on the Thames – Michael Dennett based at Laleham Reach in Chertsey.

Time for winter dreams

Christmas is a rapidly-fading memory, the New Year hangover has only just lifted, the huge credit card bills which were run up before the holiday are winging their way through the mail towards us and the reality of going back to work during the long cold winter months is starting to hit home - but, fear not, help to lift the gloom is at hand - the annual trip to the Boat Show.