Get behind the club that’s risen from the ashes

There are lots of good causes looking for your support through the year but one which I believe deserves special mention is the third annual River Festival staged by the Weybridge Mariners' Club (WMC) – a cruiser club based on the lock island at Shepperton.

Gift craft is a ‘Run A’Wey’ success

It's strange how things happen sometimes, isn't it? A chance meeting on the river between a member of The River Thames Society and an oarsman from Weybridge Rowing Club has resulted in the donation of a single scull boat to the club by the Teddington to Old Windsor branch of the society.

Brother takes on nautical Terra

He’s great, my brother. When he and I decided to club together and buy a boat a couple of years back, I was a bit hesitant because of the possible technical problems that have to be overcome when you take on the responsibility of owning a vessel.

The dongola mystery explained!

One of the sporting and social highlights of summer on our reaches of the Thames will shortly be upon us – Sunbury Amateur Regatta.