The feast of July

One of the real benefits of living close to the Thames is that there are a whole raft of events to enjoy during the summer months - and July is one of the busiest.

Time to clean up our act

It's quite astounding how much junk there is in the River Thames. Everyone has probably seen a supermarket shopping trolley nestling in the shallows close to the bank or the odd lorry tyre rotting gently in the mud.

The proof of the pudding…

It's definitely that time of year when the thoughts of many folk turn towards the possibility of getting out on the river.

It’s plain sailing in Staines

Fancy doing something a little different this weekend? If so, why not get yourself down to Staines Sailing Club to take advantage of their free 'Go Boating' day on Saturday, June 7 between 11am and 5pm.